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Media Relations


The Hindu – 16 Apr 2005

No head for drug names? Don’t worry! – 16 Apr 2005 – Internet Edition

…”This is not just another customer relations exercise. It can really save lives, we believe. Of course, a customer can read out a prescription over the phone but he could get the name wrong. We have a pharmacy graduate who can figure out which is the right medicine and give it,” explains K.A. Cariappa, operations head of the Trust Chemists and Druggists. The drug store staff find it easy to locate a specific medication because they store all the scheduled drugs according to an index of the pharmaceutical company concerned and not only alphabetically as most chemists do. The other refinement the 16 trust outlets have gone in for is to make the stores a walk-in experience. You go in and order drugs in an air-conditioned atmosphere and can even sit down if your prescription list is rather long. You may also browse the shelves of over-the-counter preparations and toiletry. “We do have a big demand for nutrition supplements, health beverages and herbal medication and hope to expand that line in the coming months,” Mr. Cariappa says…
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